JFW 2015 - Discolour

I love wearing black color nowadays, I mean like I've been telling you on my previous posts, black is just something that represent me. My tips for now, wearing all black and put your statement shoes. yes, I've been digging some of unique shoes to put on my rack. If you can see, I'm wearing all black and put a harness to make a strong look to this outfit. Recently, I love making my own harness, it's just so simple yet enhance your simple look into rebel look, don't you think?
Anyway, this outfit I wore to attend Jakarta Fashion Week 2015. I love attending fashion week because I could actually learn on how someone build a brand, how they create the fashion show and everything. Once people said, don't stop learning from the street, it probably your best teacher. So yeah, that is the reason why I love attending fashion week, beside loving to hear the sound in the runway.

Body Harness - DIY
Bracelet - H&M
totebag - Blackbook
checkered shoes - custom made

JFW 2015 - Quintessential

It's a week that all the fashion lovers are waiting for. yes, It's Jakarta Fashion Week. I've been quite a while preparing to attend with some of my friends. I always love how people here express themselves. They aren't afraid to wear something they like and show their personal style. As for me, I did manage to show my inner dapper style. I love on how this double-breasted blazer create your dapper look. Frankly told, I like to attend Fashion Week because I love to see how creative designers create something like that and get inspired by them. I love on how they create the details of the outfits and dresses and the vibe of hearing how the music started to play, it just so can not be expressed in words.

Basic t-shirt - Uniqlo
Double-breasted blazer - Dad's own
Drop-crotch pants - unbranded
Shoes - Nike Air Max

Beginning to Fall

Though in here, Indonesia we might never get a chance to feel the fall season, I always love to dress up like it's fall already. I love to cover up my body with layered outfit, I just love it. Someday I would love to try wearing long coat, strolling around the city in fall and feel the wind chilling all over my bones. Everything was just perfect in my mind. I've been projecting this kind of scenery in my head entire year. Anyway, it's getting near to Halloween and I'm overly excited for the party next week. Wait up for the next post, I'll be posting the Halloween's outfit.

Leather jacket - Unbranded
Basic tshirt - Uniqlo
shoes - custom made
shirt - Yves Saint Laurent

Photographed by: Agata Vifenda