Monday, September 1, 2014

the rain fall

black jeans dr.denim | bomber jacket Juko+Doon | sweater Uniqlo

just got back from my holiday trip with my super friends. Sometimes, all you need is just a week of holiday, spending it with your friends. Because you can't buy your friend's time when you grew up already. There's a quote say, travel as much as you can, forget about the money, enjoy all the things in the world'. I was so happy I actually can visit Bromo again, what an exquisite place.
I've always dreamed of going on a trip while I can actually still in style. Well people will say, Travel In Style. I know it may sounds crazy but it just who I am. I can't wear simple outfit. I need to wear a simple twist on my outfit for sure.
Anyway, if you got the chance to visit East Java, for sure you need to visit Bromo. The place is just magnifique, I couldn't describe in words. Watching the sunrise, playing around at Teletubbies Hills, taking pictures in Sempu Island, visiting the desert around Bromo. It was just the best thing I could ever have, especially when I can go with my friends.

Sunday, August 17, 2014


creepers custom made | oversized sweater Uniqlo | leather hat AW Wardrobe

went to Dia.Lo.Gue at Kemang to have a nice chat with my friends. Everything was really nice in there and especially we love all the artspace, of course a great place to spend your afternoon. There's nothing greater than meeting up with your friends and have a nice crazy chat over your friends. anyway, Happy Independence Day to our beloved country, keep getting better!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Here comes the sun

blue shoes Zappier Leather | black parka unbranded
photo(s) taken by Sandy Laveda

a quick and short meeting with my high school friends. Can barely believe it's been almost four years ahead since we graduated from high school. We talked a lot during our meeting, especially remembering all crazy things we had. Thank God this friendship still continue, and we do really hope it'll last until forever.
Anyway, I got my great blue shoes from Zappier Leather, a footwear brand based in Surabaya. The shoes are just exquisite and can't stop wearing them. They're comfortable and looking great at the same time, don't you think?