Sunday, August 17, 2014


creepers custom made | oversized sweater Uniqlo | leather hat AW Wardrobe

went to Dia.Lo.Gue at Kemang to have a nice chat with my friends. Everything was really nice in there and especially we love all the artspace, of course a great place to spend your afternoon. There's nothing greater than meeting up with your friends and have a nice crazy chat over your friends. anyway, Happy Independence Day to our beloved country, keep getting better!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Here comes the sun

blue shoes Zappier Leather | black parka unbranded
photo(s) taken by Sandy Laveda

a quick and short meeting with my high school friends. Can barely believe it's been almost four years ahead since we graduated from high school. We talked a lot during our meeting, especially remembering all crazy things we had. Thank God this friendship still continue, and we do really hope it'll last until forever.
Anyway, I got my great blue shoes from Zappier Leather, a footwear brand based in Surabaya. The shoes are just exquisite and can't stop wearing them. They're comfortable and looking great at the same time, don't you think?

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Paired up

paired pants and shirt MUJI | gladiator sandals custom made | beanie unbranded

don't call me a blogger, I just don't occasionally update my blog. The main reason is because I was just too lazy, and I don't have any pictures to put in my blog.
Anyway, I went to Singapore and KL for a short summer holiday with my siblings, and thank God I can finally took some pictures and update it. And thanks to my friend, who give me 101 advice as a blogger to use 'sport settings' on the dslr camera so I don't need to pose the whole time. I'm so happy I can finally have my short getaway, but at the same time, Singapore was too crowded especially the Universal Studios. I couldn't play the whole rides and games, it was just sucks.
This pictures were taken at the Haji Lane, the famous street where all the local singapore designers open their boutiques. I was just mesmerized when I look all their creations. Local designers are always creative.
Did you notice I changed my hair color? I've always wanted to dye my hair and I just couldn't brave enough to change it, until my blogger friends (again) tell me to do it once in a lifetime, because their mottos is you only live once. Yeah, so I decided to turn my hair into blonde. I know probably it doesn't suit me, but who the hell care anyway. It's my own hair, right?