Beginning to Fall

Though in here, Indonesia we might never get a chance to feel the fall season, I always love to dress up like it's fall already. I love to cover up my body with layered outfit, I just love it. Someday I would love to try wearing long coat, strolling around the city in fall and feel the wind chilling all over my bones. Everything was just perfect in my mind. I've been projecting this kind of scenery in my head entire year. Anyway, it's getting near to Halloween and I'm overly excited for the party next week. Wait up for the next post, I'll be posting the Halloween's outfit.

Leather jacket - Unbranded
Basic tshirt - Uniqlo
shoes - custom made
shirt - Yves Saint Laurent

Photographed by: Agata Vifenda

Gold Digger

I've been fascinated by black color lately. Black is happy color. When you're happy or sad, you wear black. I couldn't tell you how black color influence my everyday clothes. Basic black clothes would be my favorite, starting from basic tee, basic jacket, black jeans or even shoes. I've been changing my mood into monochrome and touch of navy and gray. It's just I finally found my true color, a happy color that can bring me into a happy mood. I hate repetition, particularly when it comes to wearing the same clothes over and over. Having basic color of clothes on your closet would help you change the thing you've seen. I could actually wearing my basic black t-shirt over and over without being recognized by people. Just add a little touch of gold accessories bring you to the next level.

Black coat blazer - Local Store
Basic tee - Uniqlo
Jeans - Dr. Denim
Shoes - Nike Air Force 1

Photographed by: Agata Vifenda

Bali Getaway - Seeking Details

As much as I love seeking details, I sometimes feel mortify to take some pictures by myself. I honestly don't quite like to bring a big camera since not only it's big and kinda heavy, but it also seek some attentions. But then, it was all worth it when I can actually come up with picture in details. I honestly don't know but since I bought my dslr camera, I always fascinate by the details, in everything. Anyway, so last week I was having my trip, a getaway trip if I can tell, to Bali. Been quite a while since I went into Bali and feel the atmosphere of the beach. So I decided to have a short getaway by myself. Yes, all alone. Some people might think I'm a fool, but I know what am I doing. I love to go alone, embrace all the goodness by myself and I can actually go to some places without have to be hurry. Bali has been completely changed and I'm getting more in love with Bali. I couldn't stop having a great dinner since the very first morning until the very last dinner. I enjoy every little thing, from the breakfast, the beach view, the great dine, the delight atmosphere and the smile of Balinese. For sure I'll coming back to here.

Taken at:
Seminyak Street
Rimba Jimbaran Bali
Sea Circus
Livingstone Cafe & Bakery