Wednesday, June 18, 2014

spring summer obsession

KTZ SS 2014/2015

Moschino SS 2014/2015

Opening Ceremony SS 2014/2015
Givenchy SS 2014/2015
Entering the new digital era, we can see nowadays there are a lot of printed clothes. Along with the growth of printed, many guys now aren't afraid anymore to wear these kind of printed clothes, starting from headpiece, shirt, pants, or even from head to toe. When it comes to print, mostly all designers come out with either floral patterns, leaves, robots, colors or black and white. I personally not a huge fan of prints, but I do sometimes love to wear printed shirt, or short or both together. sometimes, it works to catch the attention of people. But hey, who doesn't want if somebody give you Givenchy printed shirt or jacket, right?
If you do need some printed outfit (either shirt, pants or jacket) probably you can surf at Zalora , a fashion portal for all the fashion people. It's easy to access and even to pay. so what are you waiting for? ready to get some attention with your printed outfit?

Sunday, May 11, 2014


 sports printed shirt and leather snapback AW Wardrobe | stripes t-shirt H&M | sweater vintage

I don't know why but lately I just love wearing simple color for my outfit, which means like denim color, or black, white and gray. I'm not really sure I'm interested in such colorful outfit anymore.But still, some time I keep wearing color outfit, well you know I can't just keep those stack of colorful clothes in my closet.
Speaking of, been looking for leather hat this entire month, I just couldn't have it. But soon when I see it from my friend whom actually sell it, I immediately without no doubt contact him. You know I just couldn't resist of wearing hats, it's like a complimentary for your damn simple look. You need to check @AW_Wardrobe , because really soon they'll launch their collection. I also got my awesome printed shirt from there. you see the sports printed on it? I know I know, it's just too awesome for not to buy. Well, I might say he's such a talented designer, how he can pull the idea from the sports into the awesome collection.

Monday, May 5, 2014

life nowadays

1. tea time with beloved friends.
2. the creative Ted Baker's invitation
3. newcomers, small gift from @styli_app
4. new glasses, since I broke the old one
5. the fence I managed to took during my walk to office.
6. fragrance I love.
7. a little gift from the land of heaven, Maldives.
8. stripes and skulls
9. make peace not war!

I don't really know what should I post for my blog, I can't even take outfit pictures. Well, you know I'm now working full time as an intern, got no time for taking outfit (even office outfit), got no friend to take pictures with. So here it is, my daily pictures I managed to took using my instagram.
Speaking of, if you do have an instagram, you probably want to follow me (lol, I know I promote so much).
Talking about technology and social media, it's crazy how the information spread really fast. I could even hear the news in a minute. Well, that the advantage of the social media. But then, you know, because of using social media a lot (I know you guys must have path, twitter, instagram, facebook and other social media), people tend to be unsociable. What I mean unsociable is whenever we gather around, we always check our phone. Gosh people, look up, there's a great life out there you might want to see. I used to be that kind of person, but then I gradually change my habit. You gotta look up to the surrounding, because life is what happens when you're not looking at your screen.